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54. Ion excitation and etching effects on top-surface properties of sp(2) nanocrystallited carbon films

作者: Fan, Xue; Diao, Dongfeng

APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE  : 462   : 669-677   出版年: DEC 31 2018

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53. Nanosized graphene sheets enhanced electron field emission behavior in pure carbon film

作者: Sun, Kun; Diao, Dongfeng; Yang, Lei; .

THIN SOLID FILMS  : 664   : 124-129   出版年: OCT 31 2018

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52. Vibration-assisted wire electrochemical micromachining with a suspension of B4C particles in the electrolyte

作者: Jiang, Kai; Wu, Xiaoyu; Lei, Jianguo; Wu, Zhaozhi; Wu, Wen; Li, Wen; Diao, Dongfeng.  


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51. Study on friction-electrification coupling in sliding-mode triboelectric nanogenerator

作者: Zhang, Weiqiang; Diao, Dongfeng; Sun, Kun; .

NANO ENERGY  : 48   : 456-463   出版年: JUN 2018

被引频次: 1

50. Fast semi-analytical method for precise prediction of ion energy distribution functions and sheath electric field in multi-frequency capacitively coupled plasmas

作者: Chen, Wencong; Zhang, Xi; Diao, Dongfeng

APPLIED PHYSICS EXPRESS  : 11   : 5     文献号: 056201   出版年: MAY 2018



49. Friction-induced rapid restructuring of graphene nanocrystallite cap layer at sliding surfaces: Short run-in period

作者: Chen, Cheng; Xue, Peidong; Fan, Xue; Wang, Chao; Diao, Dongfeng.

CARBON  : 130   : 215-221   出版年: APR 2018

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48. Nanosized graphene sheets induced high electrochemical activity in pure carbon film

作者: Huang, Liangliang; Cao, Yuanyuan; Diao, Dongfeng

ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA  : 262   : 173-181   出版年: FEB 1 2018

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 47. Nanocrystalline/amorphous biphase enhanced mechanical properties in multilayer carbon films

作者: Xue, Peidong; Yang, Lei; Diao, Dongfeng

SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY  : 334   : 1-6   出版年: JAN 25 2018

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 46. Low friction of graphene nanocrystallite embedded carbon nitride coatings prepared with MCECR plasma sputtering

作者: Wang, Pengfei; Zhang, Weiqiang; Diao, Dongfeng

会议: 44th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF) 会议地点: San Diego, CA 会议日期: APR 24-28, 2017 
会议赞助商: Amer Vacuum Soc, Sci & Technol Mat, Interfaces, & Proc, Adv Surface Engn Div

SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY  : 332   : 153-160   出版年: DEC 15 2017

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 45. Low-energy electron excitation effect on formation of graphene nanocrystallites during carbon film growth process

作者: Chen, Wencong; Zhang, Xi; Diao, Dongfeng

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS  : 111   : 11     文献号: 114105   出版年: SEP 11 2017


44. Structure and dynamics of water confined in a graphene nanochannel under gigapascal high pressure: dependence of friction on pressure and confinement

作者: Yang, Lei; Guo, Yanjie; Diao, Dongfeng

PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS  卷: 21   页: 14048-14054   出版年: JUN 7 2017

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 43. Physical mechanism of surface roughening on the radial core-shell nanowire heterostructure with alloy shell

作者: Cao, Yuanyuan; Diao, Dongfeng

AIP ADVANCES  卷: 7   期: 5     文献号: 055006   出版年: MAY 2017

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 42. Self-magnetism induced large magnetoresistance at room temperature region in graphene nanocrystallited carbon film

作者: Wang, Chao; Diao, Dongfeng

CARBON  卷: 112   页: 162-168   出版年: FEB 2017

被引频次: 6 

 41. Top surface modification of carbon film on its structure, morphology and electrical resistivity using electron-ion hybrid irradiation in ECR plasma

作者: Wang, Chao; Chen, Cheng; Diao, Dongfeng

SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY  卷: 308   页: 50-56   出版年: DEC 25 2016

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 40.Low-energy electron irradiation induced top-surface nanocrystallization of amorphous carbon film

作者: Chen, Cheng; Fan, Xue; Diao, Dongfeng

APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE   卷: 384   页: 341-347   出版年: OCT 30 2016

被引频次: 7

39.Low energy electron irradiation induced carbon etching: Triggering carbon film reacting with oxygen from SiO2 substrate

作者: Chen, Cheng; Wang, Chao; Diao, Dongfeng

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS  卷: 109   期: 5     文献号: 053104   出版年: AUG 1 2016

被引频次: 1

38.Nanosized graphene sheets enhanced photoelectric behavior of carbon film on p-silicon substrate

作者: Yang, Lei; Hu, Gaijuan; Zhang, Dongqing; 等.

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS  卷: 109   期: 3     文献号: 031910   出版年: JUL 18 2016

被引频次: 4

 37.ECR sputtering and electron/ion alternative irradiation for multilayer carbon films fabrication with tunable layer thickness

作者: Xue, Peidong; Yang, Lei; Diao, Dongfeng

SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY   卷: 296   页: 26-32   出版年: JUN 25 2016

被引频次: 1

 36.Cross-Linking-Induced Frictional Behavior of Multilayer Graphene: Origin of Friction

作者: Yang, Lei; Zhang, Qi; Diao, Dongfeng

TRIBOLOGY LETTERS   卷: 62   期: 2     文献号: 33   出版年: MAY 2016

被引频次: 3

35.The adhesion behavior of carbon coating studied by re-indentation during in situ TEM nanoindentation

作者: Fan, Xue; Diao, Dongfeng

APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE  卷: 362   页: 49-55   出版年: JAN 30 2016

被引频次: 6 

34. Tensile strain-induced magnetism transition in multilayer graphene with excess electrons: Stability of the edge-quantum well

作者: Yang, Lei; Diao, Dongfeng

AIP ADVANCES  卷: 5   期: 12     文献号: 127106   出版年: DEC 2015

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33. Restructured graphene sheets embedded carbon film by oxygen plasma etching and its tribological properties

作者: Guo, Meiling; Diao, Dongfeng; Yang, Lei; Fan, Xue.

APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE  卷: 357   页: 771-776   子辑: A   出版年: DEC 1 2015

被引频次: 7

 32.Three-layered sandwich structured carbon film prepared by sputtering and ion/electron/ion alternative irradiation

作者: Zhang, Wenlei; Diao, Dongfeng; Fan, Xue

SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY  卷: 278   页: 12-17   出版年: SEP 25 2015

被引频次: 7

31. Nanoscratching of multi-layer graphene by molecular dynamics simulations

作者: Zhang, Qi; Diao, Dongfeng; Kubo, Momoji

TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL  卷: 88   页: 85-88   出版年: AUG 2015

被引频次: 7

30.The Effects of Diamond-Like Carbon Films on Fretting Wear Behavior of Orthodontic Archwire-Bracket Contacts

作者: Kang, Ting; Huang, Shi-You; Huang, Jie-Jie; Li, Qihong; Diao,Dongfeng .

JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND ANOTECHNOLOGY  卷: 15   期: 6   页: 4641-4647   出版年: JUN 2015

被引频次: 3

29. Experimental study on load capacity of nanoparticles-laden gas film in thrust bearing

作者: Yang, Zhiru; Diao, Dongfeng; Fan, Hongyan; Fan, Xue; Wang, Chao.

INDUSTRIAL LUBRICATION AND TRIBOLOGY  卷: 67   期: 3   页: 233-239   出版年: 2015

被引频次: 1

28. Nanosized graphene crystallite induced strong magnetism in pure carbon films

作者: Wang, Chao; Zhang, Xi; Diao, Dongfeng

NANOSCALE  卷: 7   期: 10   页: 4475-4481   出版年: MAR 14 2015

被引频次: 14

27. Frictional Behavior of Carbon Film Embedded with Controlling-Sized Graphene Nanocrystallites

作者: Chen, Cheng; Diao, Dongfeng; Fan, Xue; Yang, Lei ;  Wang, Chao.

TRIBOLOGY LETTERS  卷: 55   期: 3   页: 429-435   出版年: SEP 2014

被引频次: 9

26. Magnetism induced by excess electrons trapped at diamagnetic edge-quantum well in multi-layer graphene

作者: Zhang, Xi; Wang, Chao; Sun, Chang Q.; Diao, Dongfeng.

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS  卷: 105   期: 4     文献号: 042402   出版年: JUL 28 2014

被引频次 10

25. Scratch behavior of re-structured carbon coating by oxygen plasma etching technology for magnetic disk application

作者:Guo, Meiling; Diao, Dongfeng; Fan, Xue; Yang, Lei ;  Yu, Liwei.

SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY  卷: 251   页: 128-134   出版年: JUL 25 2014


24. Lubrication Performance of Nanoparticles-Laden Gas Film in Thrust Bearing Under Noncontact and Contact Conditions

作者: Fan, Hongyan; Fan, Xue; Yang, Zhiru; Diao, Dongfeng

JOURNAL OF TRIBOLOGY-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME  卷: 136   期: 3     文献号: 034505   出版年: JUL 2014

被引频次: 0

23. Nanoparticles-Laden Gas Film in Aerostatic Thrust Bearing

作者: Yang, Zhiru; Diao, Dongfeng; Fan, Xue; Fan, Hongyan.

JOURNAL OF TRIBOLOGY-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME  卷: 136   期: 3     文献号: 034501   出版年: JUL 2014


 22. Contact Stress-Induced Micromagnetic Behavior in Magnetic Recording Disk

作者: Yang, Lei; Diao, Dongfeng

TRIBOLOGY LETTERS  卷: 54   期: 3   特刊: SI   页: 287-295   出版年: JUN 2014


21. Dangling bond induced cross-linking model in nanoscratched graphene layers

作者: Zhang, Qi; Diao, Dongfeng; Yang, Lei

SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY  卷: 237   页: 230-233   出版年: DEC 25 2013

被引频次: 9

20. Coating NiTi archwires with diamond-like carbon films: reducing fluoride-induced corrosion and improving frictional properties

作者: Huang, S. Y.; Huang, J. J.; Kang, T.; Diao, D. F. ;  Duan, Y. Z.


 卷: 24   期: 10   页: 2287-2292   出版年: OCT 2013

被引频次: 4

19. Potential of graphene layer controlling nano-wear during C-60 intrusion by molecular dynamics simulation

作者: Zhang, Qi; Diao, Dongfeng

WEAR  卷: 306   期: 1-2   页: 248-253   出版年: AUG 30 2013


18. Numerical analysis on nanoparticles-laden gas film thrust bearing

作者: Yang Zhiru; Diao Dongfeng; Yang Lei

CHINESE JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING  卷: 26   期: 4   页: 675-679   出版年: JUL 2013


17. Tribological Thermostability of Carbon Film with Vertically Aligned Graphene Sheets

作者: Chen, Cheng; Diao, Dongfeng

TRIBOLOGY LETTERS  卷: 50   期: 3   页: 305-311   出版年: JUN 2013


16. Nanoindentation behaviors of amorphous carbon films containing nanocrystalline graphite and diamond clusters prepared by radio frequency sputtering

作者: Fan, Xue; Nose, Kenji; Diao, Dongfeng; Yoshida, Toyonobu.

APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE  卷: 273   页: 816-823   出版年: MAY 15 2013


15. Evolution of Maximum Contact Stresses in Amorphous Carbon Coated Silicon During Sliding Wear Against Si3N4 Ball

作者: Cai, T. X.; Zhang, P. Y.; Diao, D. F.

JOURNAL OF TRIBOLOGY-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME  卷: 135   期: 2     文献号: 021401   出版年: APR 2013

被引频次: 2

14. Frictional behavior of nanostructured carbon films

作者: Diao, Dongfeng; Wang, Chao; Fan, Xue

FRICTION  卷: 1   期: 1   页: 63-71   出版年: MAR 2013


13. Magnetic behavior of graphene sheets embedded carbon film originated from graphene nanocrystallite

作者: Wang, ChaoDiao, Dongfeng

APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS  卷: 102   期: 5     文献号: 052402   出版年: FEB 4 2013


12.  Stable and super-low friction of amorphous carbon nitride coatings in nitrogen gas by using two-step ball-on-disk friction test
作者: Wang, P. F.; Sugo, M.; Adachi, K.
Lubrication Science   卷: 27   期: 3   文献号: 137-149   出版年: 2015 
被引频次: 5
11.  Effects of substrate bias voltage and target sputtering power on the structural and tribological properties of carbon nitride coatings
作者: Wang, P. F.; Takeno, T.; Fontaine, J.; et al.
Materials Chemistry and Physics   卷: 145   期: 3   文献号: 434-440   出版年: 2014 
被引频次 9
10.  Low frictions of self-mated CNx coatings in dry and humid inert gas environments
作者: Wang, P. F.; Adachi, K.
Surface & Coatings Technology   卷: 258   文献号: 1137-1144   出版年: 2014 
被引频次 8

9.A nanoscale temperature-dependent heterogeneous nucleation theory

作者: Cao, Y. Y.; Yang, G. W.
Journal of Applied Physics   卷: 117   期: 22   出版年: JUN 14 2015 
被引频次: 1 

8.Resolving H(Cl, Br, I) capabilities of transforming solution hydrogen-bond and surface-stress

作者: Zhang, Xi; Zhou, Yong; Gong, Yinyan; 等.

CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS   卷: 678   页: 233-240   出版年: JUN 16 2017

被引频次: 8

7.Hydrogen-bond potential for ice VIII-X phase transition

作者: Zhang, Xi; Chen, Shun; Li, Jichen

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   卷: 6     文献号: 37161   出版年: NOV 14 2016

被引频次: 2

6.Nanobubble Skin Supersolidity

作者: Zhang, Xi; Liu, Xinjuan; Zhong, Yuan; 等.

LANGMUIR   卷: 32   期: 43   页: 11321-11327   出版年: NOV 1 2016

被引频次: 6

5.From ice superlubricity to quantum friction: Electronic repulsivity and phononic elasticity

作者: Zhang, Xi; Huang, Yongli; Ma, Zengsheng; 等.

FRICTION   卷: 3   期: 4   页: 294-319   出版年: DEC 2015


4.Ice Regelation: Hydrogen-bond extraordinary recoverability and water quasisolid-phase-boundarydispersivity

作者: Zhang, Xi; Huang, Yongli; Sun, Peng; 等.

SCIENTIFIC REPORTS   卷: 5     文献号: 13655   出版年: SEP 9 2015


3.Coordination-Resolved Electron Spectrometrics.

作者: Liu, Xinjuan; Zhang, Xi; Bo, Maolin; et al.
Chemical reviews   卷: 115   期: 14   文献号: 6746-810   出版年:  JUL 22 2015

被引频次 45

2. Hydrogen-bond relaxation dynamics: Resolving mysteries of water ice
作者: Huang, Yongli; Zhang, Xi; Ma, Zengsheng; et al.
Coordination Chemistry Reviews   卷: 285   文献号: 109-165   出版年: FEB 15 2015 
被引频次: 50

1.Potential Paths for the Hydrogen-Bond Relaxing with (H2O)(N) Cluster Size
作者: Huang, Yongli; Zhang, Xi; Ma, Zengsheng; et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C   卷: 119   期: 29   文献号: 16962-16971   出版年: JUL 23 2015 
被引频次: 7