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Low-energy electron irradiation induced top-surface nanocrystallization of amorphous carbon filmViews [1355] Delivery time :2016-06-06 11:08:43

我所论文:Low-energy  electron irradiation induced top-surface nanocrystallization of  amorphous carbon film,发表于国际期刊Applied Surface Science。

Low-energy electron irradiation induced top-surfacenanocrystallization of amorphous carbon film

Applied Surface Science 384 (2016) 341–347

Cheng Chen, Xue Fan*, Dongfeng Diao*

We report a low-energy electron irradiation method to nanocrystallize  the top-surface of amorphouscarbon film in electron cyclotron resonance  plasma system. The nanostructure evolution of the carbonfilm as a  function of electron irradiation density and time was examined by  transmission electron micro-scope (TEM) and Raman spectroscopy. The  results showed that the electron irradiation gave rise to theformation  of sp2nanocrystallites in the film top-surface within 4 nm thickness.  The formation of sp2nanocrystallite was ascribed to the inelastic  electron scattering in the top-surface of carbon film. Thefrictional  property of low-energy electron irradiated film was measured by a  pin-on-disk tribometer.The sp2nanocrystallized top-surface induced a  lower friction coefficient than that of the original pureamorphous film.  This method enables a convenient nanocrystallization of amorphous surface.